preview – NBC’s LX.TV OPENHOUSE, decorating for Constantine Maroulis!

This fall I was asked by NBC’s LXTV OPENHOUSE to decorate the living room and bedroom of the new apartment of  American Idol star and Tony nominated actor of the Rock of Ages, Constantine Maroulis.


Constantine and his mom at the 2009 Tony's.


From the beginning Constantine’s style was clear; he loved vintage Hollywood Deco having inherited several pieces from his family.   Layered with the vintage pieces would be a hint of his rocker self … amounting to Hollywood meets Rocker!


Here are a few of the design elements we had to work with and new ones that we found for Constantine.


Our initial great find was a pair of 1930’s Italian club chairs, reminiscent of old Hollywood private screening rooms with their low slung deep shape and beautiful midnight blue velvet seats.  We loved these so much that we designed the living room around them.



I thought that these super luxe chairs would compliment a cocktail table that  Constantine had from his brother, once we restored it and brought out it’s original luster.




In designing Constantine’s bedroom, we began with a vintage dresser of his that has a sleek understated vibe of Hollywood mid-60’s.  With restoration we would bring out the piece’s original rich finish.




And to bring out the  “Rocker” element we found a great wallpaper for the wall behind the bed.  This rich gold foil wallpaper is bold and has sophisticated pattern that is named “Hollywood Grape”.  The wallpaper adds drama and glam to the room and was the element we worked with to design the look of Constantine’s bedroom.




In terms of artwork, Constantine had many pieces he loved, one of his favorites was this Yankees poster.




And since he is a bit of an old Hollywood movie buff, we found a couple of quintessential James Bond posters.




See how all of these elements and many more came together for Constantine’s Hollywood meets Rocker style:

Please tune your tv’s to NBC’s LX.TV OPENHOUSE NY on sunday November 15th at 8:30am in the New York region and to NBC’s LX.TV OPENHOUSE National Edition on sunday December 6th, check your local listings.

dale b. cohen

new york city

november 2009


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5 Responses to “preview – NBC’s LX.TV OPENHOUSE, decorating for Constantine Maroulis!”

  1. Laura Guerra Says:

    Looks cool Dale!!

  2. Linda Says:

    Love those chairs!!! What a great assignment. I will awaken early to watch the show and the results of your artful and superb taste!

  3. SouthernChic Says:

    What cool finds! I can’t wait to see the total concept…

  4. Hasaun Harris Says:

    Love the chairs and the wall paper! I cant wait to see the finished space.

  5. Vicky Says:

    Classy, original, and fun; just like the man himself. Looking forward to seeing the final result.

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