activating your “wealth corner”

Ok, I hear you looking at this page and saying to yourself, what on earth is a wealth corner?  Well, let’s back up and let me share with you a little bit about feng shui.  At its most basic, feng shui is about creating balance in your home and workspace. It addresses the need to energize your dwelling spaces – where you eat, sleep, work, play – so that more good things can flow into your life.

This week launches a series of conversations with my friend, feng shui master Kate MacKinnon. She trained in the form of feng shui from China called the BTB School, as taught by the feng shui master, Professor Lin Yun.

Today’s conversation centers around activating your “wealth corner”.  In the school of feng shui that Kate practices, as you enter through the front door, the far left corner of your home is your wealth corner. This same position, the far left corner from the entry door, is also the location of the wealth corner in each room of your home, and your office.

a feng shui diagram of your “wealth corner”

So, for those of you who are considering creating a home office, the far left corner of your home would be an ideal location for it.  And if your bedroom happens to be in that area, this is good, simply place a lovely green plant in the wealth corner.  However often the existing architecture of one’s home, prevents the installation of an office in that far left corner . . . your kitchen, for instance, may already be there, or your bathroom, or a stairwell.  Feng shui has solutions for these architectural impediments to the flow of chi, or energy, through your dwelling.  Since every room has a wealth corner, a feng shui master would work within those spaces to improve the flow of energy through them.

Here are a few things that you can do to “activate” or “energize” your wealth corner:

1. The placement of your desk – facing the doorway of your office is the best position.  Make sure it is not directly in line with the doorway but is either to the left or right of it.

2. Placing a beautiful tree or plant in your “wealth corner” is a great addition.  Plants represent money.  Of course, make sure that it is a big, healthy green plant.  A few examples of possible plant choices are money trees, bamboo plants, or ficus trees. And remember to water them! Whatever you do, don’t let them languish!


Jade plant, in flower

Lucky Bamboo


Sea Grape, beautiful round foliage


Takashimaya vases (these look like plants, so can also be used)

3. Another good idea is to have ‘moving water” (ie. a water element or fountain) in this location, as it is a great way to energize wealth.

desktopfountaindesktop fountain

4. And, lastly, mirrors are a way to expand energy.  If possible, put a mirror in your wealth corner. Maybe place it on the left wall – if it can be centered there, that is ideal, but anywhere that makes sense on the wall is great.  Alternatively, let’s say you have a view of the river, put a mirror there to reflect the water into your space.

Additional thoughts from Kate!

She emphasizes that, in feng shui, intention is everything.  In other words, as you are working on your wealth corner, visualize what you want to bring into your life – maybe a bigger apartment, more money, a promotion or bonus, a better job or even a new career, a new car, new furniture, a gianormous TV with surround sound… remember, this is about your wealth and prosperity so the clearer your vision, the more command you will have over creating it.

Kate has been in banking for 20 years and for 14 of those years she was a management consultant.  She was certified in feng shui in 2001 and works in both homes and businesses.  As we were starting our session today, she remarked to me that she has lately been working more with businesses, as many companies use Feng Shui, even Donald Trump!

If you have any questions, please post them to blog and Kate will answer them.

blog editing by Lacy Waltzman, a friend and screenwriter in los angeles
you can find her at


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One Response to “activating your “wealth corner””

  1. Raquel Baboolal Says:

    This is great! very informative for someone who knows very little about the subject. Now I’m off to go plant shopping now for my far left corners!

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