cleaning out your closets, making space for the New Year!

Happy 2009!   I hope you had a glorious New Year’s Eve!

This weeks’ post is about cleaning out your closets to make way for the new energy and opportunities the New Year has in store for you.  Last month I was making dinner at a friend’s home.  I had cooked at his apartment a number of times and while I tried to be zen about the clutter and disorganization in his kitchen, I just could not handle it that evening.  So as dinner was cooking I tackled the pantry, in the space of 45 minutes the whole thing was organized and orderly.  I had a great sense of accomplishment.  My friend was elated!  And subsequently he began tackling his other closets throughout his home.  A few days later he told me of his adventures in cleaning and said “I feel better, I feel lighter from cleaning my closets and throwing out all the old clutter.”

In conversation with my friend and Feng Shui consultant, Melissa Heebink, she asked some pertinent questions that you might ask yourself while you are cleaning out your closets.  “Are your closets overflowing?  If so, what are you holding onto?  Are you hanging onto things from old relationships?”  She also remarked, “If you have clutter in your home and your closets, it will impact your financial arena blocking money. new energy and relationships from coming in to our life.”  And lastly she said, “Make sure that your closet doors are always closed.”

Melissa recommends the book “Clearing your Clutter with Feng Shui” Karen Kingston

The to do list is fairly short –
1.  Organizing your closest means first culling through what you have and getting rid of old, unused items.
2. Throw out or donate clothes that you have not worn in a year or two and whatever else you can possibly part with.
3. If you are also cleaning out your hall closet, do you really need all those old tennis rackets? And sneakers that don’t fit?
4. Either throw out or have repaired anything that is broken or in need of mending.
5. Call and make an appointment with a consultant if you are hiring a full service company to design, manufacture and install your new closets.
6. If you are going to install the new closets yourself or you are buying the closet interiors and then separately hiring an installer you will need to  –
a. Measure the length/depth/height of your closet and note the door swing.
b. You will need to measure the linear inches of clothing you have – ie. you have X number of inches of hanging pants, shirts and suits, etc.

Closet Manufacturers  –

$$$$ B&B Italia


B&B Italia is a favorite manufacturer of mine.  They produce sublimely beautiful furniture and cabinetry in Italy.  You will need to be working with an Interior Designer or an Architect to order from them and once designed and ordered, your closets will be delivered in 12 – 16 weeks.  Their closets are furniture grade.

$$$   Poliform



Poliform has their own designers who can assist you in the design of your new closets.  They are a US based company.  They design, manufacture and install their closet systems.  Once design is complete it will take from 12 – 16 weeks for the receipt and installation of your closets.

$$    Your local cabinetmaker

There are several ways to tackle this approach.  You can ask a few of your friends for recommendations for local cabinetmakers that they have used and had successful projects with.  You can also go to a site like the Franklin Report and cull through their recommendations.  Some cabinetmakers prepare their own drawings, if so there will be a small additional charge for this.  Others will do it off the back of a napkin, this is not the best means by which to get custom cabinetry because without a signed and approved set of drawings by you, they can build whatever they want.  And others will require you to have drawings prepared by your own designer.  If you choose to hire a local cabinetmaker, please make sure to procure three bids for the same design layout.

$       Elfa Closets from the Container Store



Elfa Closets are an easy and quick solution.  I have found that the closet consultants at the Container Store are knowledgeable and helpful.  With your closet measurements and some idea of the linear footage of your clothing, they will prepare computer generated drawings and your order very quickly and have all the components delivered in a week or so.  Along with your order they provide drawings for the installation of your new closets.  You will need to hire your own installer or install them yourself.

Please post your comments and questions.


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7 Responses to “cleaning out your closets, making space for the New Year!”

  1. Stewart H. Says:

    This could be the incentive and motivating force I needed to get my house organized for 2009 — closets and dresser drawers are disasters – I will do (not try) to get my house in order this year thanks to your professionally viable and productive suggestions

  2. beth waren Says:

    Dale, this topic is inspirational and motivating for sure, thank you for the recommendations on the closet designer / manufacturers – i like Poliform and will check them out for an estimate and also Knossis at the suggestion of friends.

    as i like to say, an organized closet is an outcome of an organized mind…!

    Happy 2009, may it bring organizational bliss!

  3. dcdesignstudio Says:

    Thinking that i should also take this on b/c really a closet can never be organized enough, I have spent my morning cleaning out and reorganizing my two hall closets. I am also redesigning the interiors of one of my bedroom closets. Here’s to “organization bliss!”

  4. carey adina karmel Says:

    Thanks so much Dale & happy new year! I’m going to send this onto my many buyers and sellers in need of closet rehab. Many of us are in the closet about our closet clutter problems!! Here’s to an organized and productive 2009!

  5. lacy Says:

    well, i dread any kind of organizational effort and yet love for things to be organized.
    so, where are those cabinet/closet fairies when you need them?
    anyway, i was inspired by your post!
    yesterday i cleaned out (half of) my pantry, got rid of all the old earthquake provisions from ’05.
    after the trash is collected, i plan to do the other half.
    thanks for the nudge in the right direction!

  6. susan sobo... Says:

    I think this thought alone should motivate most to ‘clear out the clutter’…it is a great perspective to take on a tedious chore we sall dread
    “If you have clutter in your home and your closets, it will impact your financial arena blocking money, new energy and relationships from coming in to our life.”
    goodwill…here i come!

  7. Raquel Baboolal Says:

    This is great Dale. I am ready for a new future now, that is laced with fulfillment and abundance. I have achieved certain goals and it is time for a new space to create what’s next.

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